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This is a puzzle platformer game, made for Godot Wild Jam #20 "Every end is a new beginning", including all the wild cards.

Our little slime found himself breaking into a mysterious forest.  He must find a way out! Go collect gems and the portal may open. But strange thing happened when he touched other slimes... End at the right time to get a new beginning!


Move: W A S D or Arrow keys

Jump: SPACE or W or Up arrow, hold to jump higher

Restart level: R

Mute music: M

Mute sound: N


Part of assets used in this game are pre-made, including:

Graphics: Jungle Asset Pack by Jesse Munguia

Sound effects: Joseph Levesque "josepharaoh99." and Phenala

Music: hmmm101

Fonts: Humble Fonts Free by Eeve Somepx

Thanks for their works! The rest of assets were made by myself during the jam. 


It's on Github: https://github.com/sh1n24/SlimesAdventure

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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SlimesAdventure_win.zip 13 MB
SlimesAdventure.dmg 17 MB
SlimesAdventure_linux.zip 14 MB


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This is fun to play and very unique, I only wish that I could save my progress...

Lovely game ! The art style is very cute and the level design is smart. The way "enemies" don't only serve a single purpose is also very interesting ( and we love a rapper developer ;) !  )

Nice game.
Just letting you know that there's nothing stopping you from going out-of-bounds via the left side of the developer screen.

Really cool! Very unique gameplay mechanic and reliable platforming

Great work. Fun little game you have here. Could see this being fun on the switch.

Cool Game

I'm delighted to let you know you were featured once again, this time you took the #10 spot for the entire week!! Great job! Also, do you have a twitter? I'd love to shout it out! 

Thanks again. I feel honored! My twitter is also the name @sh1n24  ;)

Good concept!


cool game! I love it.

Thank you!


Great job! Loved the art and also a great progression in difficulty both platforming and puzzle-wise!

Thanks for playing!


You took the #3 spot for today on my channel! CONGRATS! This game is wonderful, and I can't wait to see more from you in the future! Great job!! 


Thank you so much for playing! :)


Really great job on the game I wasn't expecting much going in and was super shocked at how complex and well made the game was as you progressed through the levels with a simple mechanic definitely worth a play through! Mine here: 


Thanks for playing! I watched your play through and it was fun! It's amazing that you passed that level which is full of slime by normal way :D

Thanks for making it! it was fun and good job again! :)